Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Fights between air passengers and unruly behaviours are getting frequent. Recently, several videos have surfaced on social media in which passengers are seen picking up fights with co-passengers or employees of the airline services. Though such incidents have raised concerns, it seems, passengers, pay no heed and continue to behave in such a manner unabatedly. 

Recently, one such video has surfaced on social media in which a passenger picked up a fight with a co-passenger on a flight. It was more surprising as the passenger went shirtless while scuffling with a fellow traveller.

As seen in the video, a youth without a shirt is fighting with a co-passenger. Though the staff and the co-passenger are trying to stop the youth, he seems to be in no mood. He continues to punch the co-passenger.

As claimed, the fight took place on a flight to Bangladesh.

The incident was captured by another passenger on the flight and went viral. The video has triggered hilarious comments from netizens.

While one user said, “Lagta hai flight me bhi general quota khol diya”, another user said, “Aajkal flight bhi train ka local dabba ban gya h.....” A third user said, “Flight seem to have become like local trains.”