Cassian Baliarsingh

A Pakistani wedding turned into a WWE match with people hurling chairs at each other after a man did not get enough mutton pieces in his biryani.  The video of the entire incident is now going viral on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In the six-minute clip, we can see a few men throwing chairs and tables at each other. The video shows the guests sitting around a table, enjoying their meal at the wedding. However, the situation takes a dramatic turn after a guest, believed to be the ‘mamu jaan’ of the groom complained that he did not have enough mutton pieces in his biryani.

Soon the wedding turns into a battleground as the guests start hitting each other. Within no time, more people get involved in the fight and hurl chairs at each other. A few women try hard to stop the fight and bring the situation under control. However, the men continue to create ruckus.

X user Ghar ke Kalesh shared the video and wrote, “Kalesh during a marriage ceremony in Pakistan over mamu jaan not getting mutton pieces in Biryani.”

Since being shared online, the video has garnered 368.7K views with thousands of likes and hilarious reactions from other social media users.

“I think they were just not happy with women folks sitting on the other side. Notice how they all moved to other side. 😀😀” commented a user.

Another user shared, “It was very mean of the guy who started it,he removed wig of that poor fellow who was eating nd minding his own business 🤪🤣”

“Just another day in Pakistan, Everybody is fighting with everybody but nobody knows why,” wrote a third user.