Vikash Sharma

Pakistani playback and Qawwali singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was caught on the wrong foot after he was allegedly seen thrashing his ‘student’ over a bottle in a video which went viral on social media.

The incident sparked online furore as people could not digest Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s act and behaviour. Following this, the playback singer issued a statement in a video and tried to explain the entire incident which drew criticism from different quarters.

In the viral video, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was seen hitting the student and resorting to violence using his shoes and even slapping. Khan termed the incident as ‘personal matter between an ustad and shagird’.

“He (student) is like my son and it is a relationship between ustad and shagird. We sometimes shower love on shagird for good work and punish for some wrong doing,” said the singer adding that he immediately apologised to him.

In the video, the shagird or the student can be seen standing next to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. He stated that the bottle contained some holy water which he had misplaced and forgotten.

The Pakistani playback singer further claimed that he never mistreats any servant working with him.