Cassian Baliarsingh

After celebrating ‘Bollywood Day’ where students dressed as the iconic characters from Bollywood movies, the students of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) found a way to have all the fun of a wedding without the additional pressure of relatives and dowry that a marriage entails.

The students of LUMS, Pakistan organised a fake shaadi event for two seniors and videos of the unique celebration at the University have taken social media by storm.

As per Twitter users, two seniors were picked up to enact the bride and groom all dressed up in fancy wedding attires. The students also acted as guests and dressed appropriately to match their roles. The video of the unique event posted on Twitter has been the talk on social media. 

The students from LUMS reportedly organise such fake shaadis every year to experience the joy of a wedding other than the familial pressures and tension it comes with.

Taking to Twitter, a user shared the videos from the event and wrote, “This is really interesting, LUMS having an annual fake shaadi, where two seniors are picked to get married, sounds so fun. This mock wedding of two handsome students just for fun is really interesting. QAU students must learn from LUMS how to spread love instead of bigotry.”

However, Twitteratis were divided over the event and took to the comment section to express their views.

“LUMS Shaadi is actually cool cause like girls j wanna have fun and dress up and you’re having your own wedding without actually having to let a man be in your life forever,” commented one user.

Another user wrote, “Man, I love it, they look so cute. We used to do these kinda things when we were kids like gudda guddi ki shaadi, so why not now? I know they’re not gudda guddi though but still… waise bhi life mai thoda halla gulla hona chahiye. I am obsessed with it.”

“I have to say that it is certainly an evidence that how shaadis would be actually so much fun without having those toxic rishtedars and their unnecessary remarks,” commented another user.

However, many also trolled the students and wrote, “LUMS shaadi day has got to be the most absurd thing I’ve seen elitists do today like why would you pretend to get married to someone like that shit is just ridiculous.”

Another user wrote, “Fake Suhag Raat Ka Episode Kab Ayega?”