Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking incident, a minor girl was allegedly tortured and beaten up by her classmates for refusing to drink. The incident has been reported from an elite private school in Lahore, Pakistan.

The video, which has gone viral, shows three girls holding their classmate by the hair and pinning her to the ground. They can also be heard abusing her and asking her to say sorry. While a few boys record the video on their phone, another girl is seen kicking the victim’s forehead.

The video was shared on Twitter by PTI member Maheen Faisal.

“Absolutely disgusted by this. Scenes from Scarsdale American International School in defence Lahore, where students allegedly assaulted a fellow student for refusing to drink. This is unacceptable, I hope some serious action was taken against the girl,” wrote Maheen after sharing the video.

The victim’s father has lodged a written complaint in this connection after the video went viral, reports said. He alleged his daughter was beaten for refusing to take drugs from them.

“They had offered a dose of a drug to inhale in the school. They beat her up when she refused to do so,” the victims’ father said as per a report in the Express Tribune. 

He further added that one of the girls was a boxer and had kicked his daughter’s forehead; causing injuries to her face and neck.

He stated that his daughter was traumatized after the incident and now the viral video has further caused her mental torture. He has also accused the attackers of snatching a gold chain, and locket from his daughter.

Disclaimer: The video shown/mentioned here is a viral one and its authenticity is not verified.