Cassian Baliarsingh

Pakistan is experiencing what economists call an economic crisis. Visuals of fights, and protests over wheat have been reported from several cities and towns. The prices of food, fuel and other things have skyrocketed across the neighbouring country that has been facing an acute shortage of daily essentials.

A few days after a video of a group of men fighting over a sack of wheat in the middle of a buzzing market went viral, another video of a Pakistani very humbly explaining ways to survive the economic crisis is going viral now.

In the video, we can see a Pakistani man sitting on the floor with a food plate. The video starts with him saying, “Har Ek Cheez Itni Mehengi Ho Gayi Hai Ki Bas Ab Kya Karna Hai. Thodi Si Roti Lein, Aur EK Rs 10 wala Chips Lein, Aur Niwala Baneye Aur Khayein. Aur Upar Se, Pani Piyen. Yehi Option Bacha Hai Pakistan Mein,” which literally translates to, “Everything has become so costly now. So, take a bit of chappati, then add an Rs 10 chips to it and eat it. Then drink water. This is the only option now for the people of Pakistan).

The man so humbly demonstrates the economic crisis of Pakistan that so many Indian social media users pitied on the economic condition of Pakistan and sent best wishes.

“Very sorry to see these scenes. Though they are your worst enemies, don’t want ‘em to be in such situation,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Geographically, Pakistan lies on the lands of rivers. So, they will overcome, nothing can undue the river rich country.”

However, a few netizens trolled them for wanting Kashmir even though they cannot handle the economic crisis of their own country.

“Abhi Kashmir Chahiye Ya Nahin,” asked one citizen while another user wrote, “Former PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto said that Pakistan will get nuclear bombs, even if it meant eating grass. Allah in heaven listen to him and said ‘tathaastu’.”

“Sabr Karo thoda, Ghas bhi khane ko milega,” wrote another user.