Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Thieves are individuals with skills in unlawfully taking items from homes and other places. When they get caught, it often leads to public condemnation and sometimes, the involvement of the police is also found.

Recently, a video circulating on the internet captured a woman caught in the act of trying to deceive residents in Greater Noida.

In the viral video, the woman hid her face when confronted by a group of women who were recording the incident.

One of the women explained that the scammer had bought products worth Rs 15,000 from them but left without paying.

She also provided false personal information, including a fake name, phone number, and address. When asked to settle the bill, she refused and gave various excuses.

Later, the scammer contacted one of their friends, who recognised her from the video.

They shared her photo with the security guard who alerted them when she returned.

But the story does not end there; the video also showed that the woman was wearing two pairs of pajamas, possibly to make a quick getaway without attracting attention.

Additionally, she had visited a nearby electronics shop and scammed them as well by not paying for her purchases.

The video has been circulating on 'X,' with the caption stating, "Scammer caught in Greater Noida West society."

On the same, one ‘X’ user jokingly said, "She's roaming around wearing two pairs of pajamas 😜" while another commented "women empowerment."

Expressing sympathy, one user said that while her actions were wrong, it might be due to a mental condition and that it could have serious consequences for her family and children.