Bibhu Prasad Ray

Street vendors are considered to be an integral part of urban economies around the world, offering easy access to food and other things to people. They provide you with foods that stay around your taste buds. And, with this, they manage their livelihood.

However, some people treat these people as objects and they play with their emotions which can’t be taken lightly.

In this video which has now gone viral, you can see a bus passenger mocking a vendor while returning money to a street vendor after taking a packet of popcorn and peanuts. 

However, the vendor finally got his money back after the intervention of the bus driver who immediately stopped the bus only to help that helpless vendor. 

This shows how people have changed their perspectives towards street vendors without any reason, but humanity still exists. 

Netizens didn’t seem impressed with the kind of behaviour shown by the passenger toward the vendor and they expressed their anger on the social media platform.

One user wrote, "Some people are damn annoying, don’t do this with these vendors, vo 10-10 rupaye ke liye pura din ghoomte hain. Not a good behaviour."

"It really breaks my heart. How can you treat a human like that.. good that the bus driver stopped the bus..," another user wrote

"Bus roko Use utaro Aur pakad ke dhulai karo," a third user wrote while another said, "What a lowlife, what joy does these people get in frustrating simple hardworking people."