Poonam Singh

Weddings are a special occasion for most Indians (rich and poor), who spend money lavishly on everything related to the occasion like clothes, decoration, banquet halls, food etc. People spare no expense to turn marriage functions into a big splendid affair.

However, a marriage ceremony in Kota in Rajasthan has been grabbing headlines for its simplicity. Reportedly, the wedding festivities didn’t have any wedding cards, grand baraat procession, a lavish spread of food or any fancy arrangements. 

According to reports of Dainik Bhaskar, the bride’s father Nazimuddin, an advocate by profession, wanted a simple ceremony for his daughter Maryam’s wedding as in Islam it is said that the burden of marriage expenses shouldn’t be put on the girl and her family rather the marriage should be solemnised with minimum expenses and in a simple ceremony.

Abiding by the Islamic rules of a simple wedding, no cards were printed for marriage. All the relatives and guests were called and informed about the marriage.  

There were no special arrangements made for the Baraati (groom’s side) and Gharatis (bride’s side). 

Reportedly, the groom didn’t ride a horse nor had any grand baraat procession. The guests at the wedding were only served sherbet and light snacks. 

The rituals of marriage were completed without any show-offs. Reportedly, Rs 2,000 was spent on the wedding which was attended by around 250 people from both sides.

The bride’s father said, “Our message is to make marriage easy and not a burden.”

“There are many people in society who spend lakhs to show richness in marriages. Many people borrow money on interest and repay it throughout their life. What is the use of showing off in which interest has to be paid throughout life? Don't make your daughter's marriage a burden. This is the message I want to give,“ he was quoted as saying by Dainik Bhaskar.