Odishatv Bureau

Monkeys are famous for their funny antics they do here and there. From trespassing into homes in quest of food to doing silly things, these apes put their close relatives, humans in trouble. But oftentimes, their acts undoubtedly brighten the mood of netizens.

In one such video which has been tickling the funny bones of social media users for quite some time is that of a monkey showing his laundry skills. The entertaining clip shows a monkey hand-washing clothes in a desi ‘patak-patak-ke’ style like a pro which has been widely loved by people all around.

The 36-second-long visual shows the primate cleaning some clothes on a roof with a tub of water, brush and detergent. The monkey could be seen slamming the white clothes and wringing them like a washerman before dipping them in water. Some people could also be heard laughing in the background of the video at the antics of the monkey.

Even though the location and timeline of the original video is not known, netizens always laugh to tears whenever the video surfaces in the internet. The clip has been shared, viewed and liked thousands of times since it became viral on social media a few years ago. Twitterati including noted IFS officer Susanta Nanda gave hillarious comments on the video.