Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The passion for cricket in India is unmatched. Apart from becoming the most popular sport in the country since the British era, cricket is also considered a religion and the cricket legends as ‘Gods’.

Gully cricket is quite popular as well as a fascinating affair in India. It is an integral part of almost everyone’s childhood and irrespective of gender and age; everyone whiled away their free time playing the game. Several cricket legends, who are and have been a part of the Indian cricket team, have their own stories of their childhood and cricket. 

However, here we bring the video of a child who has amazed everyone with his flawless cricketing shots. 

In the video, a 3-5-year-old kid is seen griping a bat with high confidence. As soon as the ball approaches, he starts hitting it at ease. Throughout the video, he is seen flaunting amazing strokes including square drive, cover drive, off drive, on drive, and pull. 

He played every shot like a pro impressing netizens who showered love and blessings on the kid and compared him with Indian batting sensation Viral Kohli. Moreover, some others went on to say that he is the Virat Kohli in the making. 

The video, shared on Twitter by ‘Best of the Best’, has by now garnered over 148K views.

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