Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Weddings are all about decorations, celebrations, and fun amidst different rituals to unite two people. However, the significance of different rituals can’t be ignored. Apart from the wedding rituals, there are several rituals in practice before the marriage. 

Undeniably, the rituals vary with caste, community, state, and country. However, there are some amazing traditional rituals that will leave anyone shocked.

Here we bring a video, in which a newlywed bride and her devar (brother-in-law) are seen engaged in a fight and the fight seems to be a part of the traditional ritual.

As seen in the video, the newlywed bride in her bridal attire is standing at the centre of a hall with another young boy. Both are seen holding broken twigs of a tree. Even the open hall is crowded with several people. 

Suddenly, the bride and the youth start moving in a circular motion and the bride hits the youth with the twig. Immediately, the youth also attacks the bride with his twig. Soon both are seen engaged in a fight with the twigs. None of the duo seems to be in a mood to stop the fight. 

After a while, the youth leaves the fight arena and the bride stops hitting him. 

A professional videographer is also seen recording the incident on his camera.

The video shared on Twitter by monu_kumawat16 has gone viral on social media prompting netizens to express their views.

One user wrote, “Riti riwaj pyar se nibhane chahiye..ek dusre ko mar rhe me kya hi lgav rhega” (sic)

Another wrote, “Aisa nhi karna chahiye tha bhai ko... Bhabhi ki izzat karni chahiye thi.. Kiyuki sab ristedar bhi the...” (sic)

“Kash tu mera devar nhi hua beta tujhe to me teri nani yad dila deti,” wrote a third user. (sic)