Cassian Baliarsingh

Our parents sacrifice everything to give us a luxurious and happy life. However, we often tend to take for granted the love and care of our parents and forget to appreciate them. But, as we grow older, we realise, how our parents sacrificed everything to raise us in the best possible way they could.

They go through a lot of hardship to shape us into the persons we are today. But, how many of us go beyond our duties to be thankful to our parents for what they did for us?

Well, a little school girl from Mumbai has proven that love and care for parents is the best thing one can do in one’s lifetime. She has proved that caring for one’s parents is equal to praying to God.

In a video, that is now going insane viral, a little girl in school uniform can be seen taking care of her visually-impaired parents as they sit at a roadside food stall. The girl is seen serving them food and helping them wash themselves after they finish eating. Later, she helps them to walk on the streets of Mumbai.

The beautiful yet heartwarming moment was captured by an Instagram user @mith_mumbaikar who shared the video on his Instagram handle with the title, ‘Beti Ho Toh Aisi.”

The video was shot on Mumbai’s Mira Road.

Sharing the video, the user wrote, “I got so emotional when I saw them for the first time. Every day I was seeing them coming to this shop (Mauli Vade – Jhangid, Mira road) Parents are blind but they are watching the world through their daughter’s eyes. This small girl taught us so many things.”

He further added, “No one cares you more than your parents, so care for them before they leave you. Share with your friends and family and make this girl Viral!”

Soon the video went viral with over 9.01K likes and thousands of comments after being shared on Instagram. Social media users showered immense love in the comments section.

A user wrote, “Hey Bhagwan, Betiyaan Bhagwan Ka roop hoti hai, saabit hogya,” while another wrote, “Ya Allah, iske raste asaan kar amen.”

Similarly, a third user wrote, “Protect her at all cost,” while another wrote, “amazing! Is there a way we could get to know more about them? Would love to know if we as a community could be of service in any way to such a beautiful family.”