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There’s nothing more valuable and priceless than a mother’s love. Mothers are the epitome of unconditional love, care and support. A mother’s love knows no boundaries. The special bond between a mother and her child is pure emotion.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to acknowledge their contribution to our life for what they do for us every day. This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate the wonder of motherhood with powerful captures of animal mothers and their babies.

Mama Elephant asks humans to save its calf:

Whether in humans or animals, mother-child love is common in all. This video of a mother elephant asking humans for help to save her calf that had fallen inside a pit is heart-wrenching. In the viral video, the elephant can be seen desperately asking for help. Later, a few people understood its movements and went ahead to rescue the calf.

Mother Kangaroo hugging its joey

IAS officer Surpiya Sahu took to her Twitter handle to share an adorable video of a kangaroo and its child hugging each other. In the video, the joey is seen embracing its mother while the mother kangaroo can be seen giving her little one a lot of kisses. The touching video left the internet in awe.

Mother giraffe runs to save her cub from lioness

This video of a mother giraffe saving its cub from a lioness proves that a mother’s love for her child is incomparable. The viral video shows a lioness pouncing on the baby giraffe and trying to kill it. Moments later, the mother giraffe runs to its rescue and fights the lioness, forcing it to run to save its own life.

Angry leopard attacks eagle while stealing its cub:

Shared on YouTube by King Animals, the video shows a mother leopard walking with her little cubs. An eagle tries to attack one of the cubs which angers the leopardess which attacks the eagle and hunts it to death.

Chimpanzee mother’s heartbreaking reaction to baby’s medical treatment:

Heartbreaking footage of a chimpanzee mother being separated from her baby for medical treatment shows that a mother’s love knows no boundaries. The chimp mother thought that her baby was dead and can be seen in grief. However, the mother couldn’t contain her joy and embraced her child after doctors brought it back after treatment.

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