Rashmi Ranjan

In what could be termed as a miraculous escape, a man survived a horrific accident unscathed even as his car suffered complete damage after being crushed between two heavy vehicles. 

The video of the rescue operation from the accident site is now going viral on the internet in which the man can be seen coming out of the car unhurt.

As seen in the video, an orange colour car can be seen trapped under a container, while two people are trying to rescue the man trapped in the vehicle.



While the duo breaks open the door of the damaged car, a man can be seen coming out of the vehicle without sustaining any injury in the mishap.

The video, which has been shared on Instagram by sarcasmicguy, has so far garnered over 47000 likes.

“God always helps, every damn day,” an internet user wrote while another commented, “We never can Know How & when God will save us, But will Save Definitely. Jay Shree Ram” (sic)

A third user wrote, “The importance of Airbag+seat belt....” while the fourth one commented, “Not only luck..jb apne hmesa logo ki madad ki ho..logo se blessing gain Kiya ho .” (sic)