Mrunal Manmay Dash

Milkmen delivering milk is a common sight in every part of India. They usually deliver milk by riding bicycles or two-wheelers. However, there is one milkman who has caught everyone's attention by his ride.

Yes, he rides a bike like any other milkman, but that is not a regular commuter bike. In fact, he rides a Harley Davidson to deliver milk around.

The internet went gaga over this man after a video was uploaded by one Amit Bhadana on his Instagram handle in which he goes by the username, amit_bhadana_3000.



The video shows, the man getting out of his house in the morning as he dons a hoodie and rides his expensive cruiser. On either side of the bike are large metal milk containers, which he uses to store the milk in for further distribution.

The most curious part of the clip is that the man drives his lakh-worth of vehicle for milk delivery while the same can be done in any other low-cost vehicle as well.

Since the license plate of the milkman's bike reads "Gujjar" rather than the registered number, it is unknown where he belongs to.

Amit Bhadana shared the video on December 18. So far, the video has been viewed 3 million times and has had several likes and comments. Many users were stunned by the video.

Netizens had a field day appreciating the milk man. One user wrote, "When father says join family business I'll gift you Harley."

Another user wrote, "jab Rolls Royce ko dustbin bana diya tha India valo ne to ye kuchh bhi nahi."

"Isiliye Harley India se chli gyi," wrote another user taking a jibe at the American bike maker.