Cassian Baliarsingh

There is a saying ‘men will be men’ which has become the tagline of several advertisements on TV. However, a few real life instances rightly prove the tagline which is another version of ‘boys will be boys’.

Adding to the long list of ‘men will be men’, a groom was caught doing cheers with his bride in front of all his family members and guests at a wedding venue. The video of the groom taking milk as wine and doing cheers with his bride has left the internet in splits.

The hilarious video was shared by a meme page ‘Unknown Adda’ and has garnered millions of views on Instagram. The video opens with a bride and the groom sitting on a couch seemingly during wedding. They are surrounded by a group of women, believed to their guests or family members.

They can be seen holding two glasses of milk. As per ritual, they were to exchange the milk glasses and make each other drink it. However, as the bride extends her milk glass to the groom he involuntarily does cheers as done while drinking.


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The hilarious gesture of the groom left the whole social media ROFL with users posting hilarious comments. “Man of culture, he knows his manners,” commented a user with laughing emojis.

A second user wrote, “When he mentioned he never drinks in Matrimony profile and now does cheers.”

A third user commented, “At least she got to know what to expect in future,” while another user wrote, “Groom is still in the bachelor’s party hangover.”