Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Creative video creators have piles of ideas for creating engaging content. The videos with the best engaging content take the internet by storm earning praise from viewers. The internet is flooded with such videos that amass millions of views.
However, have you ever come across any video showing robbers undergoing intense training at the gym for a robbery?

Well, though sounds strange, recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows such a surprising incident. However, instead of getting shocked, the video will leave anyone rolling on the floors, laughing.

In the video, a masked robber can be seen holding a lady's handbag and working on a low-seated row machine. As it seems, the man is practising snatching handbags from ladies. While another associate can be seen standing close to the first monitoring his intense training, other persons at the gym seem to be shocked.

In the second clip, two robbers can be seen with cutters. As it seems, they are practising cutting wires or chains.
The next visual shows a robber busy lifting ‘sacks of dollars' and the other one monitoring him.

Later, the masked robber can be seen on a Stair Climbing Machine and walking on it very carefully while trying to hide.

Next, a robber can be seen standing while the other lights a torch on his face and the first suddenly does push-ups on the floor after dropping down. The robber can also be seen running on the treadmill.

Certainly, the video is made with the purpose of entertaining the people at the gym as well as the views and they are not real robbers. However, the activities of the two youths left the onlookers surprised and tickled the funny bones of social media.

The video shared on Twitter by Erkan Çatak has gone viral on social media amassing massive views.