Poonam Singh

Having even a single breakfast outside has become an expensive affair today. Whether it’s ordering food deliveries or dining out, food bills often leave a dent in your pocket if you’re not cooking for yourself. But you’ve gotta eat what you want to eat, right?

Amid the current debate on high prices in restaurants, a food bill from 1971 is doing rounds on social media leaving the netizens stunned.

The food bill has mentions of popular south Indian breakfast dosa and a cup of coffee. The total bill of the order was only 2 rupees. If we order a masala dosa and coffee at any standard decent restaurant today, it can range anywhere from Rs 800 and upwards depending on the eatery. 

The 51-year-old restaurant bill has now started doing the rounds on the internet. The bill dated 28th June 1971, shows that a customer had ordered a masala dosa and a cup of coffee. These food items were priced at Re 1 for each.

The bill has sent the netizens into a tizzy. Having such a meal at such a price sounds straight out of a fantasy today. Many netizens, especially those past 50, felt nostalgic for a bygone era when prices were not so sky-high while the millennials were simply blown away by the bill.

The tweet was posted on the account, “Indian history with Vishnu Sharma”. The account is known for posting historic things.