Cassian Baliarsingh

Videos of cute animals like pet dogs, cats, birds or squirrels can instantly brighten up anyone’s mood. Interactions between animals and humans are the purest form of love and are often adorable to watch.

There are little reasons one can hate a video featuring pandas, pet dogs, cats, or any other cute animals. Now, a video of a man feeding squirrels and birds in an adorable video is going insanely viral on Twitter.

Shared on Twitter by a user @SONIA9, the video has garnered over 114.7L views and 7,595 likes and 1,111 retweets.

Sharing the video, Sonia wrote, “Ignore Mat Karna, Dharam Ke Path Par Chalte Rehna.”

In the video, the man is seen sitting on the ground while birds and squirrels gather around him as he feeds the little creatures. What’s more interesting is that the birds and squirrels do not seem scared and eat freely as he feeds them.

Usually, birds and little animals fear human beings. But, the man’s lovely gesture and bond with the little creatures is nothing but love in its purest form.

The video suggests that it is high time, every human being should do their bit for our feathered beings and other living creatures. It is the duty of every human being to feed the often vulnerable birds and show compassion to animals.

A user wrote, “I have never seen anything like this. Squirrels are very shy animals. How confidently they are coming to him is very surprising,” while another user wrote, “Sabse Badi Seba Yeh Hai.”

Another user commented, “It is not so easy to gain the confidence with squirrels and birds. It might have taken long time to gain.”

“Every creation of Almighty God needs care and affection so for sustainability we need to live and let the creation live to balance the ecosystem. Bharat Mata Ki Jai,” another user wrote.

Meanwhile, many other users also shared pictures and videos of themselves feeding birds, cows and other cute animals in the comment section.