Cassian Baliarsingh

Driving a car or riding a bike is an art. Not everyone can master the art of driving. We might be driving every day, but only a special set of talents can negotiate through mind-boggling routes/roads that are beyond human imagination.

Fans of Fast and Furious series and Rohit Shetty’s films might have seen cars flying in the air and much more. However, we know that they are all fake and are edited.

However, a driver has proved that the stunts can be done in reality too and has been going viral for his amazing driving skills. A video of his driving skills has left social media amazed.

In the video, we can see two cars approaching a narrow passage from opposite directions. Given the space of the passage, the drivers realise that it is impossible for the two cars to cross the passage.

On one side of the passage is a fence while on the other side is a raised pavement. While one driver sides his car towards the fence, the other driver showcases his talent. With much ease, he rides over the raised pavement and crosses the passage leaving the internet stunned.

With over 9M views, 74K likes and counting, the video has garnered over thousands of comments.

“That’s real talent, not skill,” wrote a user while another user wrote, “Where there is a strong will there is a simple way to overcome any hindrance.”

A third user commented, “If this happened in America, then both drivers would just sit there and honk at each other for like an hour while screaming obscenities.”

“Impressive. There are some people who cannot even parallel park,” wrote another user.

A fifth user commented, “If you think you are good at anything, always remember there’s an Asian better than you.”