Manoj Kumar Jena

Snakes are considered as dangerous animals and a person should think twice before taming this creature. There are species of snake, which can take life away from a living being through their poisonous bite, and others who can gulp its prey. 

Pythons are also considered dangerous reptiles due to their deadly grip, which is their ultimate weapon to destroy their enemy. 

A video recently surfaced on the internet where a man paid the price of underestimating a giant python. 

The video of a man being bitten on the face by a huge python while he was playing with it has gone viral on various social media platforms. 

In the viral clip, it can be seen that the man in a light blue shirt was holding a python and playing with it. The way the man was holding the python, it was clearly visible that he was no snake expert. 

The moment when the man was attempting to kiss the python on its head, the reptile directly attacked the man’s face. 

It can be clearly seen that the python’s teeth was stuck in the man’s cheeck while he was trying his best to take it away. 

Seconds after the painful struggle, the man managed to remove the jaws of the deadly reptile from his face and drop of blood could be seen dipping down from his face. 

The video was shared on the Instagram handle of therealtarzann with a funny caption, “BEST CAPTION WINS”. (SIC)
The netizens wrote hilarious comments in the comment section as one user wrote, “kiss of death,” and another user wrote, “Snake went for french kiss.” (SIC)

The video has garnered 1.2 million views. 

WATCH the video below: