Cassian Baliarsingh

The internet can be a fun place. However, there are many people who do all kinds of stupid things to gain cheap publicity and popularity on social media. Some even go to the extent of losing their lives.

However, it is never a good idea to risk one’s life or any other person’s life.

In a new viral video, a Bullet rider can be seen performing jaw-dropping stunts while his wife is riding the pillion. The man can be seen riding a Royal Enfield bullet without a helmet. To make things worse, his wife who is sitting in the rear seat also doesn’t have a helmet either.


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As the video start, the man starts to do extremely stupid stunts while his wife continues to sit on the bike with her 'ghoonghat'.

First, he sits on the bike and then leaves the handlebar. Soon, he stands up on the moving bike. The whole video was shot by his friend from all angles. The video ends after the biker stands on the seat.

Popular Instagram page ‘Ghantaa’ shared the reel and wrote, “Real Badshah is here.”

The video has garnered over 105K likes and several comments.

“Jo Kar Raha Hai Woh Galat Hai, But Achi Baat Ye Hai Ki Uski Bandi Ko Uspe Bharosha Hai (Whatever he is doing is wrong, but it is good that his partner trusts him so much),” wrote a user while another wrote, “That’s why they say no Baal vivah.”

“Accident Karke Aise Hi Log Aate Hain Hospital Mein.. Dimag Ki Kami Hoti Hai Aise Logo Mein (Such people cause road accidents and reach the hospital, they have no brain),” commented an angry user.

‘This is not real but reel couple goals,” wrote another user.

“This is very risky, not only for him or his wife but also for other people on the road. He should be jailed,” wrote a user while another asked ‘what does he want to prove?’