Cassian Baliarsingh

Online shopping turned into a nightmare for a customer after he received a pair of slippers instead of a luxurious brand of shoes worth Rs 23K that he had ordered. The man waiting for his branded shoes was disappointed to open the box with the slippers.

To add to his disappointment, the company from where he had ordered the shoes isn’t replying to his emails and queries. Irate, the customer brought serious allegations of fraud by the company 'Tata Cliq Luxury’.

Sharing his story on X, the user wrote, “Tata Cliq Luxury is out here defrauding customers of their hard-earned money. I've lost my money, but pls save yourselves from being scammed. I ordered New Balance sneakers, they sent a pair of slippers, now refusing to refund money saying quality check failed @TATACLiQLuxury.”

He also shared two pictures, one of the shoes he had ordered and the other of the slippers he had received.

His post on X (formerly known as Twitter) has received immense response from other social media users.

“Scams like this are becoming very common because the companies have third-party vendors to fulfill deliveries and the scam is transpired at their end. The only solution to this problem is recording the unpacking of your products and then taking strict action against the company,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “Just file a complaint in the consumer forum and see your issue get resolved.”

A third user commented, “I had a similar experience. I ordered Under Armour shoes, but they never delivered. They kept it at the nearest delivery centre, which was 2kms from my home, but never delivered them. Took me 1 month to get the refund and instantly deleted the app after receiving the refund.”

Meanwhile, the company is yet to respond or issue any statement in this regard.