Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Infidelity is one of the major reasons behind discord in marital life. Be it a man or woman, finding their life partner cheating on them will most likely leave them devastated. 

What if a man/woman is well aware of his/her life partner’s extramarital affair and catches her/him red-handed?

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Here we bring a video in which a man finds his wife sleeping with his friend. The conversation of the man with his wife and friend will most likely leave you heartbroken.

As seen in the video, a man enters a room turning on his mobile camera only to find his wife sleeping with his friend on the same bed. As soon as the man enters the room, the woman is shocked to find him. Next, she wakes up the other man sleeping by her side. 

Here is the small conversation of the man with his wife and friend.

Wife: Kya Hua! (What happened!)

Husband: Kuch nai hua? (Nothing happened?)

While the wife surprisingly ogles at her husband, the man seems to be broken and again asks: Kuch nai hua? (Nothing happened?)
Husband: Wahi hua jo mujhe pata laga tha (It happened exactly as I learned about earlier).

Further, the man went on to say, “Nahi, mujhe kisiko batane ki jarurat nahi hai (No, I don’t need to let anyone know about it.)”

The man continues, “Karna ki hai, karna kuch nai hai. (What should I do? Nothing.)”

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Husband: Khatam ho gaya sab kuch, khatam ho gaya (Everything is finished. It’s finished.)

Next, the man calls out to his friend: Lucky, Dekh le, sab kuch khatam kar diya ke nahi (just see, you have finished everything),
Retorting to the accusation, his friend responds, “Nahi Yaar.”

Out of agony, the man says, "Nahi nahi, khatam kar diya na sab kuch (No no, you have ended everything.)"

Husband: Aaj meri duniya khatam ho gayi aaj (Today, my world has ended.)

Well, the video shared on Instagram by Bhayankar Prani has gone viral on social media. Moreover, the video has triggered netizens to lash out at the woman for cheating on her husband.