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In a bizarre incident, a man from Edinburgh claimed to have spotted a green-coloured mysterious 'alien' while taking a stroll on Portobello Beach.

Mike Arnott reportedly came across the strange green, fluorescent object on the sand while taking a stroll on the beach.

Without a second thought, he assumed the strange creature to be some sort of an extra-terrestrial animal or an alien from another world.

The 33-year-old stumbled upon the creature and first assumed that it was a moss-covered pinecone due to its unusual thorn-like body.

However, after taking a closer look, he was shocked to find the strange creature "alive".

A picture of the creature, shared on Twitter, is now leaving social media users in shock.

The creature looks very different from other marine animals. Its shimmering green and gold bristles make it look very unusual.

Shockingly, the bristles can also flash green, blue or red, to warn off predators.

However, Pete Haskell from the Scottish Wildlife Trust later refuted the version of Mike and identified the strange creature as a sea mouse, a type of worm.

"It looks a bit strange being out of the water, but it's a type of marine bristle worm that's found all around the UK coast," Mr Haskell said.

The sea mouse can grow up to 30 cm in length. They feed on small crabs and hermit crabs and other worms to survive, Haskell further added.