Mrunal Manmay Dash

While it is increasingly getting difficult for people to get a desired partner now-a-days, a man surprisingly dumped a woman on a speed dating site only because she was not a fan of the Marvel comics.

The incident was reported from an online British game show, ‘The Button', where a Marvel superfan savagely dumped a woman because she didn't share his taste in comic books and films. The video of the same has now gone viral on social media.

Members of the game show pay visit to a family, and a talking button is placed in the room. The team must keep an eye on the Button, as it turns red when it is time to execute one of the time sensitive challenges. When the light on the button becomes red, the contestants can press it and swap the person in front of them with another individual.



In the show, contestants Donny and Maria only interacted for just a few seconds. The computerised voice from the 'button' introduced Donny to the woman, kicking off the date with a question for Maria: "Are you into Marvel?"

Well, those four words were enough to trigger an awkward exchange of gestures.

"You know what, no," she said. "My brother watches them but I just can’t get into anime," Maria can be seen as replying to Donny.

The middle button turned red, which allows either contestant the chance to end the date.

Maria went to press the button but Donny beat her to it, which meant he then had to explain why he was cutting off the date.

According to Donny, disliking the comic book and film franchise is just not allowed under any circumstances.

"I have a dog named Marvel, it’s a big deal to me," he said.

The incident caught the attention of the social media users who were in splits over the act by Donny. Since being posted on January 7 on Twitter, the video has generated more than 17 million views.

The game show not only provides fast paced entertainment, but also allows to have a glimpse of the British family life.