Poonam Singh

In a disturbing incident from Hubei Province, Central China, police have detained two individuals for their involvement in a vengeful act against a young woman.

According to an Aaj Tak report, the girl's ex-boyfriend, identified as Zheng orchestrated a humiliating campaign against her by placing accusatory banners outside her workplace, alleging infidelity with two other men.

Reportedly, frustrated by the failed attempts to save the relationship post-breakup, Zheng resorted to extreme measures. 

With the help of his friend Yan, Zheng ordered a banner from online with had derogatory statements about the girl in bold letters. Placing the banners strategically outside her office and along busy roads, Zheng aimed to publicly shame her.

The incident came to light on December 18 when the banners were reported to the police. Images of the banners went viral online, sparking widespread discussions about the boundaries of post-breakup behaviour.

Both Zheng and Yan were promptly arrested, with Zheng facing a 10-day detention and Yan an 8-day detention. 

Online reactions varied, with one commenter suggesting that Zheng's actions revealed deep frustration post-breakup while another emphasized the importance of mutual respect even after a relationship ends.