Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a man abandoned his girlfriend and ran to save his life after the restaurant they were dining in was attacked by a robber. The cowardly act of the man has triggered hilarious memes on the internet. The unromantic-yet-hilarious video has gone viral on social media with over 10.3M views, 108.7K likes, 10.8K retweets and 2031 quote tweets.

While many social media users found the video funny, others condemned the man for being a coward and abandoning his girlfriend in the need of the hour. The couple, who appear in the video of the security cameras, was seen sitting in a restaurant. Another couple was also sitting next to them at another table.

In a split second, an armed robber with a mask enters the restaurant. He walks by the couple and points out a pistol to the other couple. Instead of saving his girlfriend, the man just gets off his chair and disappears in fear, leaving his frightened girlfriend in shock.

In fear, the woman continues to sit while the thief robs the other couple and flees on a motorbike. The woman then manages to muster some courage and stands up. She then goes to look for her man, who is nowhere to be seen.

A Twitter user shared the video and wrote, “Self-preservation over everything.”

The post has now garnered hilarious memes. A user commented, “You really left me to die,” while another user wrote, “He would’ve instantly become single if he just up and left me like that. I swear, men today were raised by a bunch of punks.”

Another user commented, “Life over love.”

“He walked off so casual I thought he was going to get the Blicky. Bro never came back into the frame,” commented another user.

Another user commented, “Chick was too worried about leaving the bill I’m sure.”