Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Railway tracks are undeniably death traps for the wild as well as domestic animals. The animals get hit by moving trains while crossing the tracks. While some lucky animals escape unhurt, others suffer grievous injuries or get crushed to death. Countless incidents occur across the country; while some are reported, most cases go unreported.

Speeding trains crush everyone to death starting from large elephants to small endangered animals raising concerns for wildlife. Even it is threatening for livestock to cross the railway track. While large animals have no way to escape the awful incident, a few small animals with favourable luck escape tragic death.
Here we bring one such video of a dog that got trapped on a railway track. But, due to its smartness, it escaped a tragic death under the wheels of a train.

In the video, a dog can be seen lying on the railway track while a goods train is running on the track. The smart dog seems not to be terrified and calmly lies under the train. At intervals, the dog takes a look around to ensure safety and remains still.

After a while, when the train passes, the dog calmly stands up and runs away from the track unhurt.

The video shared on Twitter by Tansu YEĞEN has been viewed over 4 million times and liked by netizens. Meanwhile, users hailed the brave dog for its smartness and patience.