Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Before taking the final decision to purchase anything, everyone prefers to ensure the build quality. Quality assurance testing is done to detect problems in a product or service. If it is a product, then ensuring the build quality is quintessential. 

The process is carried out by professionals with high skills and knowledge. Obtaining the quality assurance testing certificate is a must, if anyone is purchasing a car. But, how would you react if instead of a professional, a jumbo carries out the quality assurance testing part?

Sounds weird! Isn’t it? Well, here we bring a video that shows a jumbo carrying out the QA testing process to ensure the build quality of a car. 

As seen in the video, a four-wheeler is stopped by an elephant. At first, the jumbo steps on the tyre of the vehicle and keeps in pressing as if it is checking the pressure. Next, it moves forwards the front side of the vehicle and sits on the hoods. It continues to repeat the action for a few moments. Seeming to be dissatisfied over the testing technique, the pachyderm climbs on the hoods only to slip down after a few moments. 

However, such rigid quality testing technique damages the vehicle and its bumper loosens off. 

Frightened over further consequences, the driver reverses the vehicle and the jumbo moves away off the road. 

IFS Dr Samrat Gowda shared the shocking yet hilarious video on Twittter leaving netizens shocked. The video has garnered massive views as well as hilarious reactions from the netizens. 

Here is another video that shows another elephant ‘parking’ a car.

As seen in the video, the jumbo used its tusk to move a stationary car. It pushed the vehicle from its front side and continued its action for an extended time in an open area. However, left the vehicle after bringing back to the place where it was earlier parked. It seems, the jumbo couldn’t find the right place to park the vehicle.