Poonam Singh

Extremely perturbed and livid over his lover getting married to someone else, a jilted lover barged into the groom’s house and opened fire after pasting a warning letter on the wall.

The jilted lover warned of dire consequences to the groom and his family if they brought the wedding procession. He even threatened them that he would turn the wedding procession into a crematorium. According to reports, the incident occurred in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh.

Reportedly, the jilted lover scaled the wall of the groom's house and opened fire in the air. Before leaving the place he threatened the groom and his family to not proceed with the marriage. He also pasted a poster containing the details of his threatening messages. The entire family woke up to a rude shock. The proposed marriage is to take place on February 16.

The threat poster, written in Hindi, reads, Karishma meri hai! Baraat lekar mat aana nahi toh tu zinda nahi bachega." 

The English translation of the letter written in Hindi reads, "Groom Montu Singh listen with open ears, Karishma is mine. Don't even dare to bring a wedding procession or I will turn the procession into a crematorium."

"Brothers who want bullets along with the feast should only come in the procession. This is just a small trailer, the rest of the film will play during the ceremony," the letter added.

The bride’s would-be groom and his family members were shocked after reading the letter. Following which the groom’s relative informed the police about the incident, after which the police registered a case against the unknown person.

Hapur Additional Superintendent of Police, Mukesh Chandra Mishra said, "Based on the complaint, a case has been registered in the matter. The probe is underway. The accused will be arrested soon. Things will be known after arresting the culprit."