Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

With only a day left for the grand inauguration of Lord Ram's temple in Ayodhya, the city is decked up with colours, lights, and flowers. Devotees in large numbers have started thronging the city. The city is getting crowded with politicians and celebrities too. 

Meanwhile, several videos have surfaced on social media showing incredible artworks of devotees along with devotional performances and much more. 

However, recently a video resurfaced on social media that shows a heartwarming incident.

As seen in the video, an injured monkey sneaks into a pooja room where a woman is busy chanting, "Jai Shri Ram.' As it seems, the woman is performing pooja of Lord Ram at her residence.

The monkey limps toward the woman and sits beside her. While the woman continues to chant "Jai Shri Ram," the monkey suddenly hops into her lap and hugs her.

The woman gets emotional and starts pampering the monkey. Meanwhile, the monkey without any worries sits calmly on the woman's lap. 

As it seems, the family hails from a State in South India.

The video shared on X by JIX5A has gone viral on social media garnering massive views. The caption for the post reads: A monkey enters a home during Ram Nama japa and a miracle happens. The devotee is truly blessed. Jai Shri Ram (sic).

The incident has won the hearts of netizens which is evident from the flooding comments, likes for the post, and reposts.

One user wrote, “Ohh!! My eyes teared up!! This is so beautiful.” (sic). A second user wrote, “This literally brought tears to my eyes.” (sic)

“The monkey seems to be injured. In that state the motherly comfort provided by this lady is a proof of humanity,” wrote a third user. (sic)

Though a few users opined that it must be a pet monkey, most just couldn't resist themselves praising it.