Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Everyone is not aware of everything. It might be due to a lack of awareness or knowledge. Even some people act foolishly which could be because of a lack of interest in learning. You must have come across people in day-to-day life who act foolishly. Such incidents could certainly leave anyone rolling on the floors, laughing.

Here we bring a video that has recently stormed the internet leaving netizens surprised and amused. 

There are various locations where people drop coins inside water bodies. The practice of tossing coins inside water bodies is quite common in various countries including India.  As per spiritual belief, people hope that tossing coins inside an ‘auspicious’ water body will bring good fortune to them.

However, have ever seen any person throwing notes or opting for any other option for offering cash?

In the viral video, a crowd can be seen standing near a water stream. A woman can be seen tossing a coin inside the water body. Meanwhile, a young girl walks near the water body and swipes her ATM card on the water's surface.

Though sounds surprising, the video certainly proves that such ignorant persons do exist who are unaware of such rituals or practices. Moreover, the girl also couldn't know about the practice even after witnessing other people around.

Though the original source of the video couldn’t be obtained, it was shared on Instagram by cbfh2489. The comments section is flooded with hilarious notes. 

One comment reads: Paytm main 1 ruppe prapat huve. (sic)

Another user wrote, " Pin number tu dala hi nhi." (sic)

A third user wrote, " Pani Ka QR code Scan Kar leti Behan UPI ho jata." (sic)