Cassian Baliarsingh

Oscar-winning film Titanic is one of the most loved movies and every single second of the movie is worth it. From the breakthrough visual effects to the timeless love story of Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack) and Kate Winslet (Rose), the movie gets better every time we watch it.

Apart from the love story of the movie, the song ‘My heart will go on’ was also a huge hit and is still today loved by cine-goers. 
Meanwhile, two young talented musicians from India tried to recreate the music of the movie and have taken social media by storm with their unique composition.

One of them played the violin while another played the casio as they recreated the magic and the internet is utterly smitten by their talent. Even ‘The Kashmir Files’ fame filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri couldn’t help but share the magical video on his Twitter.

Sharing the video, he wrote, “If Titanic was made in India. Listen to the magic of young and super talented Mithilesh Panchal and violinist @yadneshraikar. Pls give them your love.”

Since being shared online, the video has garnered over 10.7K views with 361 likes and 46 retweets and the numbers are only increasing each passing second.

“As it’s my one of the all time favourite, whenever someone plays the song in any form my heart always go on and on,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Well! The Titanic theme music is based on ‘Shankarabharanam’ ragam!”

A third user wrote, “This is so soothing."