Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Loyalty is important as it establishes an emotional commitment and strengthens relationships. However, in today’s world, loyalty can be a challenging value to uphold. Finding a loyal person who will stand by you through thick and thin might be difficult. While it is challenging to find a loyal person, there are numerous tales of the loyalty of animals towards humans.

Undeniably, pets show unwavering devotion towards their pet parents, and dogs are considered to be the most loyal among them. Social media is the hub to find such heart-warming stories narrating the loyalty of dogs towards their pet parents. But, recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows the loyalty of a dog towards its friend, even after death.

The video shared on Instagram shows a dog receiving food from its pet parent. However, as soon as it bites the piece of meat in its jaw, it starts running outside to the house's front yard while waving its tail. The dog seems to be quite excited and stops at a point.

As the owner walks to explore the reason behind such a gesture of the dog, he finds his pet lying near a grave. Further, the owner explores that the dog had placed the piece of meat on the gravestone.

The caption flashing on the video reads, “This dog receives food and doesn’t forget to share it with his deceased friend.” (sic). The dog continues expressing affection for its deceased friend lying in the grave.

Though the original source of the video couldn’t be obtained, it was shared by whatdadoggo. The video has won the hearts of netizens turning many emotional.

One user wrote, “OMG! Beyond imagining this situation is really existing right now! Poor baby” (sic)

Another wrote, “Dogs are true angels on earth. We just do not deserve them.” (sic)

“That breaks my heart!!! What a sweetheart!!!” wrote a third user. (sic)

Moreover, the video has been liked over 90K times.