Cassian Baliarsingh

Who can forget the iconic scene from ‘3 Idiots’ where Aamir Khan (Rancho) and Kareena Kapoor (Pia) take Raju’s sick father on a scooter to the hospital when the ambulance couldn’t make it in time.

Over a decade after the blockbuster movie’s release, the iconic scene has finally got a real-life rendition and the internet can’t get enough of it.

A video of two friends taking an ailing man on a scooter just like Rancho and Pia has been captured taking social media by storm. The duo can be seen riding the scooter with the elderly patient sitting in the middle reminding netizens of the scene from 3 Idiots.

An Instagram blogger Shalu Kashyap happened to pass by the road at the same time and captured the pictures.

Sharing the video, Shalu Kashyap wrote, “3 Idiots just got real All is well!” 

Since being shared online, the video has garnered 170K likes and millions of views on Instagram. Social media users flooded the comment section with nostalgic comments after watching the video.

“Jaane nahin denge tujhe playing on my mind after seeing this,” commented a user referring to the song from the movie.
Another user commented, “Raju Rastogi ka baappp.”

However, a section of people brutally slammed Shalu for not offering a lift on her car instead of making the video.

“3 Idiots ka reel banana se acha lift de deta,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Not every people can afford 4 wheeler so it’s not funny.”

Well, netizens were nostalgic and reminded of the iconic movie that encouraged youngsters to follow their passion. The Rajkumar Hirani-directorial is one of the best movies of superstar Aamir Khan and will forever remain as one of the most loved Bollywood movies of all time.