Poonam Singh

Pani Puri is one of the most loved street foods of Indians. It has different names in various cities, but the love we share for this particular street food is unmatched. However, recently we have come across some bizarre pani puri or golgappa concoctions like the Maggi golgappa and 'golgappa shake'. 

Adding to the long list of such innovative items concoctions, “Ice-cream Pani puri” video is now going viral on the internet. The video features a person making the dish by adding ice cream as filling in the panipuri shells. 

Then, he adds 3 different types of syrup on it for taste. Finally, the dish is garnished with sev and served. The video further shows another version of the dish served with shaved ice.

The video was shared on Facebook by food blogger @mi_nashikkar_.

This bizarre pani puri recipe video grabbed the attention of several people on the internet, garnering more than 191K views, 2.4k likes. People also reacted to it with funny comments.

"Danger! Danger!!!! Need health inspectors here immediately," a user wrote. ““Rip this panipuri,” another user wrote. A third user commented, " Ise dekhne ke Baad me sukun se mar Sakta hu. " "Baapre kalyug ka ant hai ye" wrote a fourth.