Cassian Baliarsingh

To say that food experimentations are getting out of hand in India will not be an exaggeration. From bizarre ‘pani puri’ to twists in Maggi, a few unusual food combinations has not gone well with social media users.

To add to the crazy trend of food experiments, a street vendor has come up with a fruity punch to a cup of tea. The video of the vendor making ‘fruit chai’ using bananas has the netizens freaking out.

The video starts with the vendor confidently telling that he is making ‘fruit chai’ and it is the costliest chai in India. As per the video, the man first adds milk and ‘chai pati’ in a pot. As the milk continues to boil on the stove, he adds banana and a ‘chikoo’ to the tea.

The man then mixes the banana, sapodilla (chikoo) properly before straining it to be served. Shockingly, the man charges Rs 200 each for a cup of ‘fruit chai’ and interestingly people are also seen buying the bizarre tea from him.

Shared by a Twitter user @HasnaZarooriHai, the viral video has garnered 148.3K views with a plethora of hilarious and disgusting reactions from social media users.

“Utha le re baba utha le, mere ko nahin, isko utha le,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “200 for that disgusting tea, one banana and chikoo, r u serious?”

“Yeh kahin dikhe toh mere taraf se bhi do thappad zaroor de dena,” commented a third user.