Poonam Singh

The internet is filled with many videos that will can give you goosebumps. One such video which is now going viral on social media involves a snake-catcher rescuing a monocled cobra from a kitchen in Bhadrak, Odisha.

The close-up clip of the rescue operation of the monocled cobra, which is also called as Indian spitting cobra, will definitely give you goosebumps. The video was uploaded on YouTube by snake catcher, Mirza Md. Ali, who tries to sensitize people about snakes.

In the video, which was uploaded way back on November 16, 2020, the snake can be seen aggressive and spitting his venom. It shows in detail how the snake-catcher adeptly rescues the reptile. 

What might surprise a few is how the snake catcher performs the task like it’s no big deal, without a trace of fear despite the snake being angry.

The video shows Mirza reaching the spot along with his team to rescue the snake. Mirza on spotting the snake which is hiding behind the cooking gas cylinder identifies it as a monocled cobra and alerts the people on the spot about it. 

During the rescue operation, the snake makes attempts to attack Mirza, but that doesn’t deter or surprise him. The snake spitted out its venom while trying to bite Mirza on his leg. But Mirza successfully rescues the snake in the end and captures it in a plastic box to set it free in the wild.

While rescuing the operation, Mirza can be heard giving some helpful advice to the people. “If the air blown out from them touches anyone, there is no envenomation. These snakes are very aggressive so never show smartness or you will be bitten by the snake,” said Mirza.