Devbrat Patnaik

Repeatedly, advisories have been issued by government warning people against the dangerous consequences of smoking or picking up phone calls when at fuel filling station.

First, there is always a general awareness that smoking is injurious to health. When the same is done at a petrol pump, the risk gets multiplied. The smoker not only puts his/her life at stake but also risks the lives of others present closeby at the fuel station.

So many videos have earlier surfaced wherein we have seen deadly outcomes of smoking or lighting fire at petrol pump which either took many lives or has left people grievously injured. If still people do not care, there are better ways to make them understand.

A CCTV footage of a filling station (location of which is not known) is viral now on Twitter which shows if nothing helps, there is a last resort to deal with the callous citizens. In the video, two people came to the station to fill petrol in their two-wheeler. As soon as the staffer saw the rider light a cigarette, he could not stop himself from reacting violently, and the reaction was justified as well. In the heat of the moment, the staffer delivered a barrage of slaps on the face of the rider.

Watch the video:

"Gd lord I won't take calls from phone even if it's important during fuel filling for my car or bike. Man, this guy could have blown everything in a span!! Tats really shocking," commented a user. 

"Smoking is banned in public places. And he is lighting it in petrol pump. I scare to use even phones (even for UPI payments)," said another tweep.