Poonam Singh

An Indian wedding has many rituals and customs, however, what stands out from the rest is the ‘Sindoor Daan’ ritual. It is one of the most important rituals in a Hindu wedding. 

In ‘Sindoor Daan,’ the groom basically puts vermillion or kumkum on the forehead of the bride. Recently a wedding video featuring a ‘Sindoor Daan’ ritual went viral on social media.
The viral video shows how terribly the groom is at applying the sindoor on the bride’s forehead and messes it big time leaving the bride shocked.

In the video, the bride can be seen seated on the wedding mandap all decked up in her bridal attire while the groom is seen standing in front of her to fill the mang (forehead) with vermillion. 

You can also see a female relative lifting the ‘mang tikka’ of the bride so that the groom can easily fill it. However, what the groom did next left everyone shocked including the bride.

The groom, rather than filling the bride’s forehead, smeared the sindoor on her forehead, leaving the bride stunned. The bride who was seen smiling at the start of the ceremony could be seen utterly shocked by her husband’s gesture and her expression says it all. 

The video shared by an Instagram page called 'aperinastudios’ has over 2 million views, 31k likes, and hundreds of comments.

While some netizens found the video funny, some were furious for making fun of the ritual.

“What was that? How can you make fun of this beautiful moment,” a user wrote. Another commented,” Rituals ka mazaak bnaa ke rkh dia”. 

A third user commented, “Ye thoda zyada ho gaya...but Khair jiski shadi wo khush.”