Poonam Singh

In a shocking incident, a groom in Madhya Pradesh reportedly called off the wedding after the bride's family failed to give him a bike and a gold chain in the dowry.

According to Malwaabhitak, the marriage was scheduled to take place on March 4 (Monday). Reportedly, the groom along with his baraat reached in a grand procession to the bride’s family on the fixed day.

After which the 'jaimala' ceremony was to be conducted. However, just before the jaimala, the groom’s family demanded a bike and gold chain in the dowry.

Notably, tensions flared at the wedding venue when the bride’s family expressed their inability to fulfill the groom side’s dowry demand. 

As the negotiations reached an impasse and the bride's family couldn't meet the escalating demands, emotions ran high.

According to reports, tensions escalated to the point where the groom allegedly grabbed the bride’s father by the collar, worsening the already fraught situation.

Later, the groom, accompanied by his procession, abruptly departed from the venue. The bride and her family were left bewildered and feeling deceived, grappled with the sudden turn of events.

The father of the bride shared the heart-wrenching ordeal experience of his family while the bride expressed her disappointment and disillusionment stating that she was not prepared to proceed with the marriage given the circumstances. 

She said that she could not marry someone who threatened and held the collar of her father.