Poonam Singh

In a shocking incident, a wedding was called off after a groom allegedly hit the bride on the wedding stage after the jaimala ceremony in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanuj district.

According to an Amar Ujala report, the groom was very upset because the bride’s family didn’t agree to give an air conditioner in the dowry. In a fit of rage, he pushed the bride from the wedding stage during jaimala ceremony.

Soon a fierce battle ensued between both sides over the incident. Many wedding guests from both sides were reportedly injured. 

A lot of effort was put in to settle the dispute over the groom's action, but that was not enough to convince the bride's side. 

Later, both parties approached the panchayat and a decision was taken not to go ahead with the wedding.

Following which, the groom and his relatives returned without the bride. 

Reportedly, the marriage of the bride was fixed with a young man from Etawah on May 11. 

The wedding was going smoothly until the groom came to know that bride’s family refused to give an air conditioner in the dowry. It enraged the groom who, in a fit of anger, pushed the bride from the stage. The bride fainted after falling from the stage.

The police officials confirmed that a complaint was received regarding the incident and said that both families reached a mutual agreement and decided to call off the wedding.