Poonam Singh

Weddings are fun but sometimes, they can turn out to be chaotic events due to some unexpected happenings. Recently, one such chaotic event that took place at a wedding went viral on social media in which the groom can be seen punching a guest for ruining his wedding cake.

A video, now viral, posted on Twitter by user @spurked has grabbed a lot of attention online. The video was captioned, "fight in a wedding."

The video opens to see the bride and the groom cutting their wedding cake. As the video proceeds, one of the wedding guests can be seen approaching them near the cake table. He was then seen grabbing the cake with his hand and trying to smash it on the bride's and the groom's faces.

However, the newlyweds move away before he could smear their faces with the cake and save their wedding outfits. 

The bride could be seen completely in shock and surprised by the guest's behaviour. The guest who seemed drunk could be seen approaching the groom to hug him however that didn't go as he expected as the enraged groom punched him on the face. The man lost his balance and fell on the floor, but got up and went back for a hug. Fortunately, other guests stopped him from getting another punch.

The video has gone super viral and has more than 2.1 million views with many likes and comments. A user wrote, "Being the bride, I would have went for him. Cakes cost money, some people like to freeze their cakes to eat a year or so later and it’s like ruined the wedding."

Another wrote, “Feel bad for everyone here. That dude probably regretted that so much when he sobered up.” A third user wrote, “Well deserved. But I hope they made up. You can obviously tell that dude was drunk and meant no harm.”