Poonam Singh

Indian weddings are full of traditions and ceremonies involved that are not only fun for families, brides, and grooms, but also those attending them. 

Every ritual of the marriage has its significance and the brides and grooms are more involved in these rituals and want to know the meaning behind them. One such video, in which a Panditiji is explaining the ritual of the wedding, has gone viral on social media. 

In the video, the Panditji can be seen explaining the meaning of a ritual by giving simple examples to the bride and groom. However, Panditji’s explanation seemed to be loved by the bride as the priest says that she can deny the marriage now if the groom does not agree with her.

The Pandiji asks the bride to make the groom repeat after her. He says, “Bagiche me ya Mele me Mujhse se jyda koi sundar ladki Dikhe, toh aap agr apne maan ko vichilit karoge, To Main Aapki ardhangini Nahi bansatki”

He then asks the bride to ask the groom if he is willing to agree with her and not look at other women. 

“Kya meri baat apko Suwikar hai” the bride further asks. To which the groom readily says “Suwikar hai,” making the bride happy.

The relatives and friends cheered as the groom said yes. Loud cheering and noise could be heard in the background. 

Notably, the video was shared on Instagram by the bride herself, sharing the clips she wrote, “Pandit Ji rocks. Mele me ya bagiche me mujhse jyda koi sundar ladki Dikhe.”

Ever since the video has been posted on social media, it has gathered more than 2 million views with a host of likes and comments. Netizens are loving the video, and have flooded with hosts of comments and reactions.