Cassian Baliarsingh

Wedding photography has become an integral part of Indian marriage. From pre-wedding to post-wedding shoots, couples leave no stone unturned to make their big day a memorable one.

Often, photographers have to go through unwanted problems to get the perfect shot. However, a photographer ended up getting smacked by the groom for getting too close to the bride to get the perfect photo.

The hilarious video is now going viral on social media. The reaction of the bride will also make you go ROFL. The photographer who was beaten by the groom also could not control himself and burst into laughter.

The video starts with a photographer taking pictures of a groom and a bride at the wedding stage. After a few clicks, the photographer forgets the groom and continues to click the pictures of the bride alone.

In the spur of the moment, he gets too close to the bride as the groom continues to look at him in disbelief. However, after a moment when the photographer moves too closer to the bride, the groom gets angry and smacks the photographer on his back.

Seeing the turn of events, the bride breaks out in laughter. She laughs so hysterically that she literally sits on the floor laughing.

The video was shared on Twitter with the caption that read, “Never take your job too seriously.”

With over 127.5L views, the video has garnered hilarious reactions in the comment section. A section of people said the groom was insecure while others said that it was his love.

On the other hand, people even wondered if the whole incident was a prank.