Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In this era of social media, it is quite easy for an individual to become popular showcasing his/her skills. Social media is flooded with videos in which people can be seen flaunting their skills leaving netizens amazed. It is quite common thing to come across videos in which youths perform deadly or astounding stunts.

Mostly, such stunt videos show boys performing some daring actions that leave the viewers surprised. However, it is rare to find a girl’s stunt video. But, here we bring a video that shows a comparison between a girl and a boy and their dexterity. 

In the video, a girl can be seen performing stunts on a cycle. The girl seems to be quite confident and daring while performing the stunt on the road. Though there are bystanders and some other vehicles can be seen moving on the road, the girl doesn’t seem to be worried. Indeed, the cycle stunt by the girl would leave anyone amazed as throughout her ride she can be seen riding her cycle while lifting the front wheel.

However, in comparison to the girl’s performance, the video includes another clip of a boy who performs a more daring stunt on his cycle.

The boy can be seen standing on his cycle while moving on a busy road. Though several cars approach in front of him on the road, he seems to be least bothered and skilfully crosses them. Even the boy seems to be enjoying his ride and stunt.

Though the origin of the video couldn’t be obtained, it seems to be an edited one collected from two different sources and regions. While the girl seems to be from India, the boy appears to be from some other country. Shared by theshubhaeditz on Instagram, the video has been immensely liked by netizens. Moreover, the comment section is also flooded with hilarious statements.

One user wrote, “Jab apko pta ho ki aaj yamraj chhutti par h“(sic)

A second user wrote, “To bhai gravity kha gyi.” (sic)

“Bhi Hilla daala op level,” wrote a third user. (sic)

(DISCLAIMER: OTV doesn't promote or encourage such life-threatening acts which are also against the law of the land. Road safety is important. Save yourself and also others at the same time as life is precious.)