Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

‘Reels’ mania is driving youths crazy. Just to draw the attention of social media users, increase the number of followers and garner views for the videos, youths do different unbelievable things with the least knowledge of the consequences. While some escape with minor problems, others land in some major trouble.

In this social media age, it is easy to find videos in which youths attempt to reap the fun of doing an act that fails miserably.

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Here we bring a video in which two girls used a shopping trolley to fleet and make reels for fun. However, their attempt failed terribly after their fun turned into misery.

As seen in the video, a girl is seen with a mobile phone with its camera turned on. It seems, the girl is recording a video on her mobile. Meanwhile, a loud yell of girls is heard approaching from a distance. 

Suddenly, a shopping trolley can be seen rolling towards the girl with two girls sitting inside the trolley and two others standing on it. 

However, as the trolley comes closer to the girl, two girls standing on the trolley step down. But, the other two girls sitting in the trolley move faster uncontrollably. 

However, they stop after the trolley hits a signage breaking the board. 

The video shared on Twitter by Best Videos has by now been viewed over 4 million times. Netizens have massively shared the video and the comment section is flooded with hilarious comments.