Poonam Singh

The craze of Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna‘s ‘Pushpa’ undoubtedly still persists even after a year of its release. The dialogues and songs from the film are still being dubbed and imitated by fans. One such clip of a girl dancing to the ‘Sami Sami’ song in a saree has surfaced online, and is winning hearts on the internet.

In the video, shared by celebrity photographer ViralBhayani, the girl can be seen grooving to the catchy beats of the peppy track in a saree surrounded by a huge crowd. The video, so far, garnered over 767K views, with users loving the girl’s energetic dance moves.

The girl can be seen wearing a maroon saree and high heels, and she grooves confidently to the popular moves. 

Before starting the dance, she can be seen adjusting her saree’s pallu. The girl can be seen energetically dancing and matching the hook step of the song effortlessly.

It seems the girl is performing at a college function and her friends can be heard cheering her on.

Take a look at some of the comments on the video here:

"That was so so good. It was fun seeing the dance," wrote a fan while another said, "With saree and heel, you're not aware about your own super natural powers!" A third user added, "Bas itna hi confidence chahiye zindgi me."